Custom Built PCs

Here at Infinite Computing, building a nice new PC for any purpose, such as Gaming, Graphics work, Video editing or Streaming, is an exciting task; for the customer and for us. There is nothing better seeing the satisfaction from the customer after receiving their build with its personalised touch from the team here. That’s why each build is built with care, attention to detail and with the customer in mind. We won’t up sell products the customer doesn’t need; it’s straight to the point and straight to what we recommend actually based on the customers needs.

All custom build computers come with:
  • 4 day maximum turn around – from order received to build arriving with the customer.
  • Free support for a year for basic tasks like updating the computers software, driver installs, faults and more.
  • 1 year parts warranty, 2 years labour warranty (Minimum)
  • Discounts for upgrades relating to that computer when brought from us.
  • The choice of having Windows setup for the user, including account, settings, themes and games making use of our 1Gbps internet; you won’t have to wait days to actually play your games when your new PC arrives!
  • At the very least, all drivers and driver related software (eg, Corsair’s iCue) installed and ready to use.
  • 1 to 1 Technician. Your technician will phone you when they receive the paperwork and go over things with you; they can even FaceTime / Skype you with updates to your build!
  • And lastly, especially for Christmas, we can even gift wrap or personalise the physical products at NO EXTRA COST!

To get a quote for a custom built PC and speak to a technician, you can email us, phone us, contact us via Facebook or Twitter or browse our shop for pre-configured machines to discuss with us.

Pre Build Machines:

All pre-build machines come with a 3 year parts and labour warranty; some individual parts may have longer, double check at point of sale. All machines are double checked before dispatch. Machines are built and ready to be shipped at the time of purchase, meaning all machines are eligible for next day delivery. If buying a machine with a 3000 series GPU chipset, in cases of returns or RMA, the ENTIRE computer must be returned. The grading system does not apply to refunds / returns and computers missing their GPU’s will be rejected.

Free support only available for PC’s built by us and may be terminated if we suspect abuse. 4 day turnaround is standard, quicker times may be available or delayed with circumstances outside of our control. Customers do not have to disclose passwords for game installs – we use remote software so the customer logs in themselves. For 1 to 1 calls, a phone number must be specified in your account.

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