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Backorder FAQs

Do I need to pay upfront?
Yes, we require payment upfront for backorder items. This allows us to have a queue of customers who are actively waiting for the stock to be shipped. Otherwise we would just have a list of customers who have shown interest in the product, resulting in a massive amount of admin work as/when stock arrives.

Will I need to pay more later?
With the ever changing market in some cases when stock arrives they will come in at a higher price, we will always do our best to 'absorb' this cost but being a small company there are cases where this is impossible. In the event that we get stock and you are next in the queue you will be contacted via email with information including the amount required. You will be able to make the extra payment or request a full refund and cancel your order.

In the cases where this has had to be done we have always ensured to keep the cost as low as possible to our customers, often selling cards for well under market rate at the time.

Can I cancel my order?
Yes, you can request a cancellation at any time while you are in the queue. Please do this by emailing us at [email protected] Ensure you include your order number with your request and send it from the email linked to your account.

When can I expect my item?
All of the information we have regarding shipment dates and quantities are public on our backorder information pages.
You can find out about expected shipments and track progress by clicking the "additional information" button under each product on the page linked above.

Please do not contact us asking for updates on backorder items, any information we have is added to the above pages.

When happens if you get a different model to the one I have backordered?
Let's say, for example you have backordered an EVGA 3080 FTW3 Ultra and we get 8 of the Zotac 3080 models instock. As we currently have 4x 3080 backorder queues, the first 2 people in each of the 3080 queues would be offered one of the Zotac cards. If someone turns down the offer we will work our way up the queue. If we get to the end of the queue and still have stock left we will then list this as stock for new customers to purchase.

If the price of the new stock was higher than the ordered item the customer would be expected to cover this, likewise if the price was lower this would be refunded.

Do you have a limit on how many backorders you will take per product before a queue is closed?
Not a set limit, we review each queue individually.

Do you have a limit on how many of each backorder item I can order?
We have a strict one card per customer policy currently, this will remain in place till supply improves.