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Backorder Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all backorders placed with Infinite Computing Ltd. You must read and fully accept all terms and conditions listed before proceeding with any backorders. The below listed terms and conditions are in addition to our standard terms and conditions. Should you have a question/query about anything listed within this document please contact us.

1. Definitions

Backorder: An order placed for stock that is not currently available.
Us/We/Our: Infinite Computing Ltd.
You: The customer.
Goods: The backordered product(s).

2. Payment

When placing a backorder via our website you will be required to make a payment, the payment amount will be listed on the product page on our website. This payment is treated as a deposit to secure your position in our queue for the relevant backordered product.

The queue operates on a ‘first come, first served’ basis in order of the date and time the order was placed via our website. Once the stock has been received and you are next in the queue, we will take your deposit and use it towards the value of the goods. In many cases, the deposit will be sufficient, and your order will be dispatched. However, in cases where the value of the goods is higher, an additional payment will be required. Likewise, should the deposit amount be greater than the value of goods a refund will be issued. You will be alerted of any additional payments by email, replies must be made within a timely matter at the discretion of Infinite Computing Ltd. Should we not receive a reply within a timely matter we will place your order on hold and the stock will be offered to the next person in the queue.

Should you wish not to pay the additional payment amount you can leave the backorder queue and request a refund/cancellation of your deposit, following the information below (Section 3)

3. Refunds/Cancellations

At any point during the process before stock is dispatched you can request a cancellation and full refund. All refund requests must be issued via email following our standard refunds policy. Once a refund has been processed you will forfeit your position within the backorder queue.

Any return requests submitted after the item has been dispatched will follow our standard refunds and return policy.

4. Optional Stock

In some cases, we will keep stock aside for the purpose of offering it to customers within our backorder queues, this stock will not be the exact product stated on the product page or order emails.

Following the queue position order optional stock will be offered by email. This gives you the means to get a similar product and leave the backorder queue earlier than may have been otherwise expected. Replies must be made within a timely matter at the discretion of Infinite Computing Ltd. Should a reply not be received within a timely matter option 2 listed below will be automatically assumed.

The offer email will contain the following options:

  1. Accept the optional stock, using your deposit towards the product and paying any additional due amount – following section 2.
  2. Reject the optional stock but remain in the backorder queue for the product originally listed on the product page and order emails.
  3. Reject the optional stock and request a refund following section 3.

There is no requirement to accept optional stock.

5. Order Details

You must ensure that all order detail changes, such as shipping address or email updates are made known to Infinite Computing Ltd via email as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information we hold is accurate. We cannot be held responsible if products are dispatched to the wrong address or order update emails are not received due to out-of-date details being held where we have not been informed of any changes.

Further to this, it is also your responsibility to ensure that our email addresses are not going into your spam/junk folders. Please whitelist our infinite-computing.co.uk domain within your chosen mail client.

6. Timeframes/Estimates and Updates

In many cases backordered items are in stock constraint, as a result we will not be able to offer exact timeframes or even estimates.

We do however operate a “Queue Position Backorder Tool”, which we regularly keep up to date with all the latest information we do have. You can also use this tool to get your real-time queue position.

This tool can be accessed via our website: https://infinite-computing.co.uk/backorders/

Please before proceeding to place a backorder be prepared to wait. We also strongly recommend you look at the backorder information pages for the product you are interested in purchasing to review how long the queue currently is before making an order.