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About Us

Infinite Computing LTD

Company Number: 12759670 - VAT Number: 354 0312 37 - ICO Registration: ZA816924


About Us.

Infinite Computing LTD was founded in July 2020 by Tyler Kay. During the pandemic, getting a job was harder than ever. Why work for someone when you can work for yourself?

"I've had a passion for I.T since the age of 10. I built my first PC at 12. I've been hooked ever since. So i've been an I.T cosumer for almost 11 years so if anything, i've got the perfect experiance knowing what i look for when shopping, what interests me or not, what catches my eye, etc etc".

However with the Pandemic, GPU and other hardware shortages become the norm and here is where scalpers were born into the I.T market. Infinite Computing pledged not only to not scalp cards, but actively support customers get their cards by offering backorder queues and making it clear to the market, we wouldn't support or condone miners or scalpers. We've become known for outright banning scalpers & miners, calling them out and ensuring genuine customers got what they desired. 

We also set out to be the most open, honest, transparent and welcoming I.T retailer out there. Our business isn't ran off of profits, it is ran off of morals and customer experiance. We had to figure out how to compete other than on prices, and this was it. Every other retailer is coperate, canned response filled, typical & boring. We wanted to make I.T retail personal. We've got a discord server with almost 2000 members to chat with staff, get an insight into our work and personal lives, see behind the scenes and give that extra dimension of shopping. This also helps when the entire staff team are gamers and enthusiasts so we can understand the customers view on a personal level. Every phone call and email is handled with a personal touch and care. We don't use canned responses, everyone gets a response based on their situation and we strive to ensure every customer experiance is a 5* one, hence we're rated 4.7 on Trustpilot, making us the joint 2nd highest rated I.T retailer*

*Joint 2nd highest tested from the 8th biggest I.T retailers (Scan Computers 4.7, Ebuyer 4.3, Overclockers UK 4.2, CCL 4.8, AWD IT 4.5, Aria 4.6, Box 4.3, Currys 3.5)

Meet The Team:



Tyler handles everyday business operations, HR, Legal, Accounting, H&S, Data Protection and more. Tyler spends most of the day in the office, also answering customer emails, phone calls and complaints. You'll often see Tyler with a can of Monster Energy.



Business Operations and Development Manager

Matt was our first manager; he handles B2B accounts, Manufacturer Relations, Suppliers, Customer Service, Social Media, RMA's, Infinite Systems, Warehouse Operations and internal I.T. Matt was the one that actually made this site from scratch! Say hello if you see him around, he's very shy!



Technical Manager

Rory is very rarely around due to his multiple jobs, however when he is around, he handles all of our DIY, networking, IT infrastructure, upgrades and more. Rory also supports customer service and Matt with his role.


Customer Support Advisor

James works for us as a Customer service advisor. James' daily activities include answering phones and emails, processing RMA's, shipping customer orders, general warehouse tasks and more. His normal daily activities are around support and sales.